IPTV – Internet-TV

Conventional television has long ago outlived its usefulness – a better alternative is „Smart TV,” or IPTV. Its essence is simple – the signal is transmitted not from a satellite or through a TV cable, but through an Internet cable. Thus, the viewer does not depend on the schedule of TV programs and can watch any program at a convenient time.

TV.Team offers you a Smart TV connection right now – you can watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world, without restrictions and in excellent quality. Just connect to us – we offer a trial of 3 days: during this time you can watch everything you want for free!

Why you should choose our service

  • you can watch your favorite TV channels from anywhere in the world. The subscribtion is not tied to a particular region or even country;
  • with over 1,200 channels – from sports
    to melodramas, from shopping on the + couch to wildlife, we’re sure that you will find something you like here;
  • high signal quality – most of the content
    is in 4K, bright contrast picture without + blurring or interruptions;
  • you can pay only for the viewing time, no subscription fee, no unauthorized charges;
  • we accept any payment methods – electronic money, cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards of different systems;
  • competent and experienced staff will + advise you on any issue.

technical support for users – we are always in touch, if something went wrong, we will help you to register on the site, choose the right plan, start viewing and explain the peculiarities of the settings;